December flower clipart cartoon

Jan 20 2020

Newly widowed Etta Marsh goes to visit her elderly Aunt, Mary Grey, whom she has never met. (Mary and her sister, Etta’s mother, had not seen each other for some 60 years – after Mary “stole” Etta’s mother’s boyfriend, Harry’s father. ) Etta finds her 85-year-old “Aunt M” being looked after by an inattentive, selfish cook-housekeeper called Mrs. Cullen. Aunt M herself is extremely inattentive and listless because Mrs. Cullen keeps her sedated with pills. Her son is too wrapped up in his own life to be interested and his wife is only waiting for the old woman to die so they will inherit her property. Her granddaughter Jill is the only one, besides Etta, who displays any genuine affection for the old woman.

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