Holly hobbie clipart

Jun 27 2019

Also working in Humorous Planning at that time (1973, 1974) was Bob Childers, a veteran humorous concept artist and designer. Childers insisted that there should be a doll of the character. Since no one seemed to listen, Childers went home and, on his own time, hand-stitched the first prototype and presented it to Connors, who took the cloth doll to Tom Wilson, Creative Vice President. American Greetings approached Knickerbocker Toy Company concerning the Holly Hobbie license. In 1974, Knickerbocker Toys licensed the Holly Hobbie character for a line of rag dolls, launched in 1975. :103 These were a popular toy for young American girls for several years. Additional products were licensed and produced, including fabrics, furniture, :128 ceramics, games, and stationery. :103 Holly Hobbie products were later marketed by American Greetings in association with Carlton Cards.

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