Month: June 2019

Massey ferguson 1742 backhoe clipart

Jun 30 2019

The company was founded in 1847 in Newcastle, Ontario, by Daniel Massey, as the Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory. To begin with it made some of the world’s first mechanical threshers, at first by assembling parts from the United States,…

Phoenix wright judge gavel clipart

Jun 28 2019

In English versions, Wright’s name was localized to present a similar meaning to English-speaking audiences. His first name is also a mythical reference: to the phoenix, known for “rising from the ashes”, an allusion to his almost impossible comebacks, or…

Holly hobbie clipart

Jun 27 2019

Also working in Humorous Planning at that time (1973, 1974) was Bob Childers, a veteran humorous concept artist and designer. Childers insisted that there should be a doll of the character. Since no one seemed to listen, Childers went home…

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